Our History

We've come a long way since our establishment in 1954, but one thing that has stayed the same is our commitment to our customers and our industry.
1954 - Established
A Perlite Institute Certificate of Membership from 1954 Addressed to Supreme Perlite Company
Supreme Perlite is established. It was founded to produce lightweight perlite aggregate used as a sand replacement in interior plaster and stucco.
1960 - New Owners & Products
Pete and Lucille Petterson - owners of Supreme Perlite in the 1960's
Husband and wife team, Pete and Lucille Petterson, acquire the company. Manufactured wallboard soon replaces interior plaster in housing construction, so the company re-focuses on supplying insulation products and refractory brick linings for the aluminum industry.
1970s - Horticultural Perlite Introduced
Flower pots with soil and perlite
Frank C. Petterson, Pete and Lucille’s son, takes ownership of the company. Mixtures of sphagnum peat moss and perlite are first introduced to the greenhouse and nursery industry as so-called “peat-lite” soilless growing media.
1980s - Plant Improvements
An Old Image of The Supreme Perlite Factory Being Built
The company continues to grow its physical plant, add capacity and diversify its product line.
1990s and 2000s - Increasing Capacity
Supreme Perlite Factory Furnace
The company adds a third and fourth furnace to meet increased demand for its products.
2010+ - Expanded Product Line
Supreme Perlite Main Office
The company adds new products aimed at serving markets for filtration, environmental water-quality, and fireproofing.
2019 - Celebrating 65 Years
Supreme Perlite Certificate of Recognition from the Perlite Institute 1954-2019
The company celebrates 65 years of service to the worldwide perlite industry.
2019 - 3rd Generation of the Family
Supreme Perlite Logo in Blue
Third generation family members take over day-to-day management. The company rebrands with a new logo and updated look reflecting its ongoing commitment to advancing the art of perlite manufacturing and promoting perlite’s value in society.