Agricultural Grade Perlite

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Expanded perlite’s value to the growth and sustainability of the agricultural sector is increasingly recognized, despite more traditional uses for ornamental growing. Perlite is naturally weed and pathogen-free, and readily holds moisture and nutrients that are crucial to a plant’s development. Perlite is used in the silviculture industry, and for starting row crops such as hops, and in seed production requiring controlled conditions. It is used extensively for growing tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, figs, micro-greens and more. Outdoor crops benefit from perlite-filled irrigation channels that conserve water and bring moisture and nutrients directly to plant roots.

Fine perlite can be used to hold onto moisture in regions with poor soil or that are prone to drought. Agricultural perlite for soil conditioning is spread and tilled into fields during rotation, or spread evenly with an application of compost.

Solutions for Agriculture

As experts in manufacturing various grades of expanded perlite, we offer several sizes and specifications to meet the needs of the farming community. Contact us with your technical questions or for custom application support.

Advantages for Agriculture

  • Certified organic
  • Sterile and weed-free
  • Stores moisture and nutrients
  • Conserves water

Grades & Sizes

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Horticultural Perlite

Propagation Grade (OMRI®Listed)

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Bulk Adsorbent Perlite

Moisture-holding soil conditioner
Organic Agriculture

Our agricultural and horticultural grade products are listed with various standards organizations for organic agriculture including the Organic Materials Research Institute (OMRI) and the California Department of Agriculture’s Organic Input Material Program (CDFA OIM). Organic certification ensures that our products are free of contamination from heavy metals and pathogens, and produced to the highest standard of purity and quality.

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