Construction Grade Perlite

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Lightweight – Versatile – Insulating

Construction Grade expanded perlite serves multiple purposes in construction either as a loose fill masonry insulation, lightweight filler or texturizer, and much more. Individual grains of perlite are comprised of numerous microscopic glass bubbles containing trapped air which gives perlite both its excellent insulating value as well as its light weight. Plus, perlite’s high melting point makes it suitable for fire-proofing composites and other heat-resistant products.

Produced exclusively from a non-synthetic, naturally occurring mineral, perlite is prized from an ecologic standpoint for having a low impact on the environment while being hypoallergenic and free of harmful chemicals. It is a cost-effective way of improving the energy performance of materials and structures without harm to human health or the environment.

Expanded perlite is used as masonry loose fill insulation and sub-floor insulation. It is used for both small-scale residential and large-scale commercial applications. It is found in lightweight, fire-resistant products such as ceiling tiles, door cores, insulating plasters and coatings, lightweight insulating concrete floors, roof-decks and formed products, manufactured stone, acoustical paneling, texturizing agent in paint and stucco, and many other specialty applications.

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The Versatile Mineral

As experts in manufacturing various grades of expanded perlite, we offer a variety of sizes and specifications to meet the needs of the Construction industry. We implement proprietary systems and process controls to monitor and control the quality and consistency of output and ensure uniform size and density.

Benefits of Perlite

  • Lightweight
  • Bright white
  • Flows and dispenses easily
  • Excellent insulator
  • Fire-resistant to >1,600 °F
  • Mixes easily
  • Will not off-gas or leach chemicals

Grade & Size

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Construction Grade

Construction Uses

  • Lightweight concrete & plaster
  • Loose fill & slab insulation
  • Fireproofing sprays
  • Chimney fill
  • Interstitial floors
  • Acoustical sprays & ceiling tiles
  • Texturizing agent
  • Fire-rated door cores
  • Blast panels
  • Tile, mortar and grout
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