Industrial Grade Perlite

A look inside of the perlite factory

Expanded perlite comes in a wide variety of sizes and densities making it customizable to different applications. It is also ultra-lightweight, sterile, chemically inert, permanent, incombustible, rot and vermin resistant, asbestos-free, pH neutral, free of organic impurities, and having a large surface area. Perlite can safely be used over a wide range of temperatures.

Industrial applications include cryogenic tank insulation, formed thermal insulation products and refractory brick, powdered filteraids and baghouse pre-coat, commercial adsorbents, and much more. Unexpanded ore is used in the foundry industry for hot topping or slag gel on molten metal.

Custom Application Support

As experts in manufacturing numerous grades of expanded perlite, we implement proprietary systems and process controls to monitor and control the quality and consistency of output and ensure uniform size and density. Call us with your technical questions or for custom application support.

Industrial Applications

  • Cryogenic tank insulation
  • Economical filteraids
  • Lightweight fillers & bulkers
  • Liquid waste adsorbent
  • Molten metal slag treat & insulation (raw ore)
  • High-temp insulation for foundry cores, molds, ovens and as a crucible topping.
  • Mild abrasives & polishes

Grades & Sizes

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Cryogenic Grade

Cryogenic/low temp tank insulation

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Filteraid Grade

Filtration, baghouse pre-coat, mild abrasive

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Baghouse Fines

Filtration, adsorption, mild abrasive

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Slag skim, slag treat, and hot topping

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Industrial Adsorbent

Bulk liquid waste solidification, spill kits
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