Perlite Absorbents

A supreme perlite employee sweeping up saturated perlite absorbent into a "spill kit" container

Ultra-Lightweight, Sterile, Inert, Eco-Friendly, Non-Combustible

Due to its high surface area and numerous void spaces, expanded perlite absorbents are ideal for receiving excess fluids in the form of spills, sludges, wet soils, paints, inks, oils, and more. When trying to stabilize liquid waste, excess moisture leads to increased costs of disposal, so it is essential to reduce the amount of moisture and avoid adding weight to the final mixture. Other common sorbents are expensive, add additional weight, or are just not as effective.

Ultra-lightweight, cost-effective, and easy to apply, expanded perlite solves all of these issues. It is also safe to use and easy on the environment. Perlite dispenses easily and flows evenly throughout the spill area. Each Individual lightweight grain consists of numerous tiny glass bubbles filled with air, that distribute moisture over a combined surface area of more than 300 m2/g. Being composed entirely of naturally occurring volcanic glass, perlite is safe to use with virtually all other chemicals and substances (except Hydrofluoric Acid or HF). Further, it has the distinct advantage of being incombustible and will not off-gas, making it safe for cleaning and decommissioning oil, diesel, or other fuel storage tanks or other confined areas.


  • Highly absorbent
  • Cost-effective
  • Non-toxic, non-polluting, 100% natural
  • Versatile and compatible with other chemicals
  • Easy to handle and dispense
  • Will not burn or catch fire
  • May offer several usages depending on application
  • Fast-wicking


  • Commercial/residential cleaning kits
  • Hydraulic supply absorbent
  • Soil stabilization or conditioning
  • Liquid waste handling & disposal
  • Shop or garage spill and safety kits
  • Barn or animal litter areas
  • Fuel storage tank decommissioning
  • Odor control for manure piles
  • Drilling mud stabilization and disposal

Use With

  • Engine oil
  • Diesel or gasoline
  • Hydraulic fluid
  • Parts washer solvents
  • Antifreeze & coolants
  • Paints, oils & grease
  • Inks, dyes & glue
  • Acids (except HF)
  • Alcohols
  • Blood, feces, urine
  • Most other substances


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EnviroperlTM Absorbent

Bulk liquid waste solidification, spill kits, and fuel tank decommissioning

EnviroperlTM Absorbent binds in minutes and liquid product will not leach once absorbed. EnviroperlTM takes the slick, slippery, or tacky out of commercial shop lubricants and adhesives and leaves no oily or sticky residue behind. It is lightweight, easy to apply, and inexpensive to dispose of. Some cases may allow it to be reused several times before completely saturated.

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Other Grades

Barn stalls, DOT spill kits, shops, and garages

We offer a range of sizes for different situations. Larger granules still offer absorbency while producing less dust. Contact us for more information about all available grades and sizes.

Testing for Absorbency

Various methods exist for testing the absorbency of granular materials. EPA SW-846 Test Method 9095B: Paint Filter Liquids Test is one such example. Recommended in U.S. Code Title 40 Subchapter 264 which provides for the handling and disposal of bulk or containerized liquid waste, this test is used to determine whether a slurry has been stabilized enough and is ready for disposal. Other methods exist; fill out our contact form for help determining what product and test method is best suited for your liquid handling application.

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