Perlite for Water Quality Management

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Effective Solutions for Nearly Every Need

Expanded perlite is used in a variety of forms to purify, conserve, and protect fresh-water resources from contamination. Perlite is ideally suited to this task because of its physical structure, and because it is derived from a naturally occurring volcanic glass which has been cleaned and sterilized in the manufacturing process.

Commercial Filteraid

Fine expanded perlite is used to strain and purify a variety of liquid solutions, from beverages and juices, to edible oils, pharmaceuticals, or commercial-scale waste-water recovery systems.

Stormwater Filtration Solutions

Coarser grades, with their irregular surface, are useful for capturing fine particulates and oily deposits attached to organic matter. These are used in the filter cartridge media or DOT-approved Media Filter Drains for stormwater applications in order to protect nearby streams and waterways.

Adsorbent Products

Perlite also has adsorbent properties which can be useful for spill kits, and large-scale liquid waste cleanup and disposal. Fine perlite adsorbs as much as 8x its weight, or 50% its volume in water. Performance value will increase with more viscous liquids such as paints, inks and oils. Plus, disposal and transportation fees are minimized due to perlite’s relatively low density and acceptance at local landfills.

Versatile Environmental Solutions

As experts in manufacturing various grades of expanded perlite, we offer a variety of sizes and specifications to meet the needs of the Environmental and Water Quality industry. We implement proprietary systems and process controls to monitor and control the quality and consistency of output and ensure uniform size and density.

Benefits of Perlite

  • 100% Natural
  • Inert and pH-Neutral
  • Produced without harmful chemicals
  • Faster flow rates
  • Safe & inexpensive to dispose
  • Adsorbent properties

Grades & Sizes

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Media Filter
Drain Grade

MFD perlite

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Micro Fine
Filter Aid

Low-flow filtration, adsorption

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Ultra Fine
Filter Aid


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Extra Fine
Filter Aid

High-flow filtration,
liquid waste solidification, spill kits

Other Applications

Increasingly, lightweight roof-top planter mixes use perlite for stormwater detention and to support healthy plant growth. Bioremediation applications also make use of perlite to stimulate root growth and encourage the development of a beneficial microbial community surrounding a plant’s roots. These microbes and bacteria break down and absorb trace amounts of harmful substances before they are released into the environment.

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