Supreme Perlite is committed to sustainability and evaluating the environmental impact of our industry. Perlite itself offers numerous benefits for reaching environmental and sustainability goals.
Perlite's Role

For more than 65 years, Supreme Perlite products have been used in various industries to enhance thermal performance, conserve water, promote healthy plant growth, and protect the environment. Perlite mining results in minimal disturbance to the land and supports jobs in agriculture, natural resources, transportation, engineering, packaging, distribution, and many more.

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Thermal Performance

With an R-value of 2.5 per inch and up, expanded perlite’s excellent thermal resistance properties are used extensively to insulate walls, floors, line chimneys, steel storage tanks, as well as large LNG tanks and cold boxes.

Water Conservation & Protection

Perlite’s irregular surface area and customizable size mean it is increasingly valued for its potential to conserve moisture and purify or soak up contaminated liquids, sometimes in conjunction with other components, to help protect and conserve natural freshwater resources. Applications include stormwater filter cartridges, rooftop gardens, media filter drains, industrial waste-water treatment, biofiltration, liquid waste solidification, and moisture-retaining soil amendment.

Healthy Plant Growth

Perlite benefits the soil by helping to maintain healthy growing conditions for plants. Perlite provides a balance between air and water-holding capacity in the soil or growing media which translates to healthier plants while conserving the use of water and fertilizer. It is also widely used in indoor and hydroponic growing systems which make more efficient use of water through controlled irrigation systems.

Industrial Filtration & Adsorbent

Fine grade perlite is also used as baghouse pre-coat for industries required to filter exhaust air prior to discharge. Adsorbent grades of perlite are used to clean up industrial spills, or solidify liquid waste, and to decommission underground storage tanks.

Sustainability Initatives
Supreme Perlite is committed to lowering our overall impact on the environment. Here are some ways we are increasing the efficiency of our processes and lowering our overall footprint.
Since 2017, we have upgraded numerous lighting and electrical systems to improve the efficiency of our plant by as much as 15%.
In 2019, we began powering our plant using 100% renewable wind-power.
99% of our packaging is made from either post-consumer, bio-degradable, or recyclable materials.
A portion of our profits goes to developing sources for renewable natural gas – the main source of energy used in expanding perlite.
We offset a portion of our carbon emissions produced in the manufacturing process by purchasing carbon credits on the open market.
Benefits of Using Perlite

■ 100% natural – produced without the use of harmful chemicals

■ Can often be locally sourced

■ Does not off-gas VOCs

■ Inert and will not leach hazardous chemicals into the environment

■ Is an excellent thermal insulator

■ Lightens denser materials lowering costs such as transportation and infrastructure.

■ pH neutral – will not adjust the pH when introduced into the environment

■ Promotes plant growth and reduces demands on irrigation

■ Provides stormwater detention and filtration

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